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Microsoft Releases Kinect Dance Central 3 In India On Xbox 360

Microsoft has released in India the latest edition of Dance Central, the “Kinect Dance Central 3”, the top music and dance game for family and friends, starting October 18, 2012, priced at Rs. 2499/-. Packed with new features, including a multiplayer party mode for up to 8 players, Dance Central 3 has been developed by Harmonix Music Systems and co-developed by Backbone Entertainment9. With a soundtrack featuring over 40 new tracks, from the disco grooves of the ‘70s, to current chart-topping dance hits, Dance Central 3 delivers its’ most electrifying soundtrack yet.

Dance Central 3 packs favorite dance crazes from the past along with the hottest moves of today. The game, which turns the living room into an entertainment hub for family and friends, features the authentic choreography that Dance Central is known for, Microsoft sends players back in time to dance their way through the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and beyond. Players get to learn popular dances like The Hustle, Electric Slide and The Dougie, along with all the trendy moves from today.

To ramp up the friendly competition further, brand new to Dance Central 3 is the Crew Throwdown mode where two teams of up to four can go head-to-head in a series of performances, dance battles & mini-games, all set to the top dancing tracks of the year, featuring artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Peas. There will also be a “Keep the Beat” mini-game which will have the player track the rhythm and the “Make Your Move” mini-game which will have players compete making up routines on the fly.

Commenting on the India roll out of Dance Central 3, Anshu Mor, Category Lead, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India, said that, “Dance Central 3 is a one stop shop for pure entertainment, with the best dance tracks and a 8-player multiplayer mode so that family and friends really bond over music and dance without stepping out of the house. Dance Central 3 makes sure that the dancing never stops whether you want to go retro with Vanilla Ice and their well known song Ice, Ice Baby or rap with Nicki Minaj.”


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