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Microsoft’s Path-Breaking Products Of 2012, Upcoming Products Of 2013

2012 was eventful year for Microsoft as they launched a new wave of products virtually for every category – to help the consumer conduct their lives in a faster, fluid and effortless manner. We list below these products in brief:

Windows 8 OS

Launched on October 25th, 2012, the OS comes with a new smooth and intuitive start screen and tiles that are brimming with content, and update in real time. Windows 8 has thrown away the old concept of unmoving, icon- based system of navigation and come up with a clean, modern, fast and fluid user interface and Start Screen which lets consumers arrange information just the way they like it. Each Live Tile can have its own color, size and can be linked to a person, app or playlist. Windows 8 OS also features the blazing fast Internet Explorer 10, with one box for both address and search bar for speedier navigation.

Windows Phone 8

Further to the overwhelming response to Windows Phone 7.5, Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 8 OS on October 29th, 2012. Making the device more personal, the new OS comes refreshed with resizable live tile and live apps, Rooms, amazing Skype integration, Kid’s Corner, IE10, Word Flow, SkyDrive and a lot more. With a common OS, users can now edit a document on the go with Windows Phone 8 and pick right up again on a PC later. Users can also create a playlist from a PC, walk out of the door and cue up that same list from their phone. It’s all possible with Windows 8.Which is why HTC, Nokia and Samsung have all designed phones around Windows Phone 8 with their own device features and colors.


It is the refreshing new mail service and is cloud connected, modern and synchorises with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and will soon connect with Skype too. You can view pictures of your friends, messages, status updates, chats, calls – all powered by an always up-to-date contact list that is similarly connected to those networks.

Xbox 360 Games

Xbox360 fever has hit Indian players in 2012, as Microsoft brought the best and latest gaming entertainment to India. With Halo 4, gamers get to play the biggest sci-fi blockbuster of the season, marking the return of its Spartan Superhero: the Master Chief and the start of a new three-part trilogy called the Reclaimer Saga, which will take the story forward. For the speed demons, Forza Horizon accelerated into India in October 2012, bringing life like racing action through stunning Colorado. Nike+Kinect takes exercise to the next level by letting fitness enthusiasts work out with top Nike athletes such as tennis ace Rafael Nadal, basket player LeBron James and soccer Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo, from the comfort of your home.

Releases slated for 2013

Microsoft New Office

It will enable the users to answer mails with handwritten notes that automatically convert to text and correct documents with the quick tap of a stylus and a breakthrough inking function. The four main focus areas that heavily influenced the development of the New Office are Devices, Cloud, Social and Control. Designed for today’s user who wants to be able to access his data in a safe manner from a range of devices and locations, the New Office is cloud connected and saves documents to SkyDrive automatically working across devices and platforms, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and from PCs to even on popular browsers.

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Elegant, comfortable and ultra-portable, the Bluetooth enabled Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is small enough to slip into your pocket. Designed to complement the Windows 8 experience on both PCs and tablets, it provides four-way touch scrolling and navigation, for easy handling of Windows 8.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft is designed for use on tablets; it is equipped with Windows 8 Hot Keys for quick search, access to device settings and sharing with the tap of a finger. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard has a useful, simple and versatile rubber cover that doubles up as a tablet stand. Users can simply snap the cover back on the keyboard to power it down.


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