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Xperia Marks Beginning Of Sony Mobiles After Break Up With Ericsson

Sony Mobile Communications is a fully owned auxiliary of Sony Corporation, which is a multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. While, Sony Mobile Communications is headquartered in London and was established in October, 2001. This venture was an alliance between Sony Corporation and Ericsson, which is a Telecom Company based out of Sweden.

This was one of the most fruitful partnerships for both the companies as they had joined hands after struggling for quite some time in the unpredictable international mobile market. Ericsson had suffered major losses owing to a mobile chip supplier related problems, while Sony was able to capture only 1% of the market share in the global mobile markets. This lucrative joint venture developed a number of mobiles and sold them in the worldwide mobile markets, which generated a lot of sales and revenue for the company.

This partnership had a lot of mobiles under the brand name ‘Sony Ericsson’, which had wonderful features and brilliant designs. But unfortunately, this profitable partnership was dissolved earlier in this year and now Sony and Ericsson are both separate companies doing business on their own.

The separate entity of the London based mobile phone manufacturing company is now known as Sony Mobile Communications. They have their research and development centers in many parts of the world, which include Sweden, Japan, china as well as in the Silicon Valley of America. They also have a dedicated arm in the country, which is called as Sony India and deals with all the mobiles and other equipment of the multinational company.

Sony Mobiles are renowned for their classy designs and feature savvy mobile phones across the world and some of their latest Smartphones are a rage in the country as well. The company has made quite a few mobile phones after getting on their own such as Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia U and the Sony Xperia Sola. Their Xperia series of mobile phones are world class and are generating incredible sales in the global markets all over.

After the split, Sony Mobile Communications might have been a little wary about starting from the scratch, new marketing strategies and all. But, amazingly there mobile phones are doing very well in the global markets and the company is elated with this achievement, which will now give them loads of confidence to design and develop many more remarkable and sophisticated mobile phones. The company has seen a slight turnaround in the Indian market since the last few months. Sony India has launched close to five new mobile phones in the country, which are gradually picking up sales and are doing very well. The company is in a joyous mood as the things are shaping up very nicely for them in the coming future.

According to reports, during the first four months from January to April, this year, Sony India has been the leader by grabbing close to 50% of the market share on sales of the mobiles in the bracket of Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000. Sony India is striving hard to keep up with this momentum for the coming future and is expected to launch quite a few new mobile phones in the market soon.


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