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Mitashi XTREME Heavy Duty ACs Launched in India

Mitashi, India’s homegrown consumer electronics brands, has launched 30 new models of ACs in India. The new range include 7 XTREME Heavy Duty AC’s. These newly launched Xtreme Heavy Duty (XHD) ACs come in a variety of sizes, viz. 1 ton (MiSAC102vXHD, MiSAC103vXHD, MiSAC103INvXHD), 1.5 ton (MiSAC152vXHD, MiSAC153vXHD, MiSAC153INvXHD) and 2 tons (MiSAC202vXHD). These ACs are claimed to provide best cooling even at 48 degrees.


All Mitashi XTREME Heavy Duty AC’s come with features such as super silent operation, wide and long airflow, Hidden LED display, remote control with display, low power consumption, auto restart, wide voltage operation range, sleep timer, anti-bacterial filter, turbo cooling and energy saver. Mitashi also offers 2 free PMS services within the first year.

Salient Features of XTREME Heavy Duty AC’s:

  1. 100% Copper Pipes: for greater cooling and thereby helps conserve electricity, save on bills

  2. Gold Fins: Help in protecting  AC from humidity and moisture

  3. 4-Way Swing: Aids in cover larger areas for cooling with more efficiency, as the vents move up, down, right and left.

  4. Inner Grooved Tubes: give more exchange area and help save on electricity by facilitating smoother / faster heat transfer

  5. Highest CFM: Wider Airflow with a longer range cools the room extremely fast

  6. Heavy Duty Outdoor Unit: All components are made from top quality materials, ensuring great cooling even with heavy usage

  7. Auto Clean Function: Eliminates moisture and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. Which means you breathe cleaner, healthier air

  8. 5 Years Warranty: Which includes a 5-year product & compressor warranty


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