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Most Googled Persons In India – Katrina, Anna, Salman & Poonam Pandey – Eh Poonam?

Google has confirmed that most searched persons in India in 2011 are Katrina Kaif, Anna Hazare, Salman Khan and of course Poonam Pandey. One can understand the reason for Katrina Kaif for being searched as she is the most glamorous and successful heroine of Hindi cinema and her cheap but enchanting Sheela Ki Jawani dance made her very popular. Anna Hazare was obvious choice because of his relentless war against corruption and peaceful agitations for strong Lokpal Bill. And Salaman Khan, who is heart-throb of millions of fans and gave successful blockbusters like Ready &  Bodyguard etc. His film will be always successful because he has a brand equity and in whatever movie he appears, his fans will visit atleast once to see him.

The above three persons are searched for various reasons but when one hears that Poonam Pandey is also searched then one is compelled to think the reasons for the same. Her only credential is that she offered to undress herself if India wins the cricket world cup provided BCCI gives her permission to do so and they will never do so! Recently, she was again in news for posting her indecent photographs on You Tube. Her mantra is to shed the clothes and gain publicity and she is successful in her Mission Undress.

But the question arises what we like the most? Have we become hedonist? Do we care only for skin shows? This reminds me of latest movie of Hindi cinema – The Dirty Picture. This movie is full of skin show and Vidya Balan has exposed herself to her full potential and created oomph factor in the movie. She rightly says in the movie that people come to see the movie for skin shows and she is entertainment personified.

We are fast approaching a culture where moral values are being sidelined for worldly pleasures and this is not good sign for our younger generation. More and more Poonam Pandeys will come on the scene and it is upto us not to give boost to their cheap publicity stunts and remain focussed on other meaningful subjects.



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