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Motorola Launches Moto Stream- Portable Wireless Adaptor For Speakers

moto-stream-270Besides providing economically priced smartphones and updating them quickly with the latest version of Android KitKat 4.4.3 version, Motorola wants to make life enjoyable for its users. Today, they have released a very useful accessory known as Moto Stream, which can turn any speaker or stereo system into wireless speakers. Moto Stream will be available starting today for $49.99 at Motorola.com and in stores at RadioShack starting on June 6th.

moto_stream_accessoryAccording to Motorola, you can set your music free with Moto Stream portable wireless adaptor that simply plugs into your existing speaker or stereo system, and allows you to stream music via Bluetooth from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can pay music from the song library on your phone or launch apps like Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify. With Moto Stream you can wirelessly listen to your favorite songs in all their glory from your home stereo system – no expensive upgrade required.

With Moto Stream, you can connect upto five devices simultaneously to any sound system meaning you can unite your home setup, without the tangle of wires. Moreover, with  Heist Mode feature of Moto Stream, anyone can jump in and drop a track. And if you don’t like their choice, you can heist it. You can connect  Smartphone, tablet, and computer with Moto Stream. Moto Stream is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and it features 300 feet of Bluetooth range so your speakers are easily within reach. With NFC pairing, connecting devices is easy and you are just required to tap to pair any compatible device.


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