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mRockstar: An Upcoming Music Centered Indian Social Networking Website

Social networking has been on the rise with Facebook, Orkut, Myspace raking in the majority of share leaving little for the competitors. However barring the cut throat competition, a new social networking viz.  mRockstar, short for “I’m Rockstar”, is due to launch in the month of August, 2011. Based on a “new” concept of mixing social networking and Music, it seems to be intriguing but we’ll have to wait to see what it actually is. Hip-hop musicians of India, Malav Karkar and Rohit Gaur, better known by their stage names Tomm Dogg and K.J. respectively, proposed the concept of mRockstar as a tool to promote their music.

mRockstar is all about making new friends, playing favorite music, communicating with idols and key people of corporate world. The pre phase of mRockstar has been launched on April 5, 2011 that allows people to reserve their User-names before the actual launch. I have had a small talk with Tomm Dogg about mRocktstar and as per him, mRockstar will be mainly centered around music and corporate world (Not sure what this means :S). mRockstar will include deeply customized profiles for general people, musicians and corporate people. They are also working on a better and personalized communication work, keeping facts about public and private conversations in evidence. mRockstar is scheduled to open for its verified beta-testers by August 5, 2011, and along with that official applications for Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry will also be accessible, which I am eager to try considering the fact that it’ll support music streaming!

It seems to be an interesting venture but I think the look and feel of mRockstart’s website layout, essential for a social networking website, is a bit tacky. I would have have preferred a light colored theme, easy on eyes. Moreover, the lingo used on the homepage needs editing, phrases like “Okay, I Understand.” or “You wanna ask anything?” don’t really leave a positive impression. This being said, it was my personal opinion, No offence Mr. Malav Karkar 🙂

You can reserve your username too by visiting mRockstar official website. And don’t forget to leave your comment citing the expectations from mRockstar, a one of it’s kind Indian Startup!



  1. Hi Paritosh,
    FYI:- Already there is Dhinghana which is music social networking website…Itz already popular for music lovers..


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