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BlackBerry OS 6: Vibrant Yet No Nonsense OS (Short Review)

Finally after months of beta testing , Canada based Research In Motion (RIM) released the OS6 version for its BlackBerry smartphones. This was the much awaited updated for the enthusiastic BlackBerry owner like me and finally it got launched! Since the update I have been stuck to my BlackBerry’s screen, playing and testing the updated features, additional functionalities 😉 And here’s my short review of OS 6, I’ll be comparing some aspects of it with my older device Nokia E63 (hopefully Paritosh, a Symbian fan-boy won’t mind it :)):

BlackBerry OS 6 Personal Review

Added functionalities:

  • Complete new fluid UI with transitions,
  • Enhanced battery,
  • Better multi tasking,
  • Social Feeds,
  • Universal Search,
  • More user friendly menu items,
  • Improved browser support with capability of tabs and complete redesign.

The software update size was around 150MB. The software update process was SMOOTH. It took me a mere 15 mins, including 100% device backup and restore, to install OS 6 after downloading the update. And when I say backing up and restoring, it includes applications, profiles, user customizations, email accounts (I had 7 configured) and registering the handset with the server again, all of this was done automatically by the software itself! The BlackBerry desktop manager 6 backed up each and everything right from the start and  restored it fully after the update (yes Nokia that includes the applications too!!). It was switched on and ready to go (I surprisingly didn’t expect it to be so smooth after such a yuck experience with updating my Nokia E63). Definitely something which Nokia needs to take a cue from.

Reading the above mentioned “New” features you might be thinking that RIM seems to have taken a cue from other OS developers like Android, Apple and your probably right 😉 The integrated and less hassled menu options seem to be taken from Android and the glossy UI with its universal search from iOS. I’m not complaining as long as they get inspired from the right things.

To sum up, previously BlackBerry OS was considered extremely utilitarian, non user friendly and non aesthetic. In my view, all these 3 problems have been addressed to a large extent in OS6 and let’s not forget that this is just the beginning of things to come. All in all, the OS6 is a visual treat and a tactile on too on handhelds like the torch as its extremely vibrant yet no nonsense (just the way BlackBerry users like it).

Compatibility with BlackBerry devices:

Currently the OS 6 is officially supported on BlackBerry curve 3G 9300, Bold 3 i.e. 9780, Bold 2 i.e. 9700 and Torch 9800 and is available:


Guest post by Savar Suri. The guy who became an extrovert by being dragged to dance in weddings, Half-Architect, Loves coffee-chocolate-music-lyrics, yearns friendship 😉




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