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MyToday SMS SuperStore – Receive SMS’s On 200+ Topics

Netcore based MyToday recently launched a unique SMS Store, offering users to receive SMS’s based on their interest. This service is more or less similar to Google’s sms channel with the exception that Mytoday doesn’t allow you to create your own channel without applying first. Currently MyToday SMS SuperStore features around 200 unique categories, though they plan to extend it.

How To Sign-Up

The signup process is simple and you can be a user of MyToday (Register to their site and not for sms updates). Just follow any one of the following mentioned steps:

  • Send a sms “MYTODAY” (without quotes) to 09212012345 (Normal sms charges apply). You will receive the password soon. After that visit their website and login to your account!
  • OR

  • Visit the website of Mytoday directly from your pc and signup.

After you signup and login to your account, the first thing you need to do is Top-Up your account with credits (Minimum amount of Rs. 100 is recommended). As a special incentive to the new users, Mytoday is giving away 30 credits worth Rs. 30, enough to try out the service. In order to get free credits, you need to send “PAL” (without quotes) to 09212012345 (After Signing up with MyToday).

Choosing Subscription Channel/Topic

Once you have sufficeint balance (credits) in your account, you can now subscribe to any topic of your choice. Most of the topics are charged for 30 days and cost Rs. 30 but there are some topics that cost as low as Rs. 5. The website of MyToday has properly arranged channels according to popularity, publisher, category, alphabetically, etc which makes it very easy to search for topics.

My Opinion

The topics are great, new one’s are being planned to be added soon. This is a great initiative by MyToday, however, i believe the recharge option is the biggest let down. They allow users to add credits to their account by credit card, debit card, net-banking account, pre-paid cash cards, cheque. But the majority of population still doesn’t have access to facilities like credit card, debit card, etc which can hurt the business. Even i, personally, wont subscribe to this service unless and until they charge for subscription from prepaid (or postpaid) mobile balance.

Do share your views, the positive and negatives, regarding this service by Mytoday. I would love to hear from you and will try to forward the issue’s faced by you (if any) to the MyToday team!


  1. You are right, such services are becoming more and more common these days. Maybe, its the huge number of mobile phone users that attracts people to start such services. And i don’t think you need any sort of license to start a similar service, though a certain amount of capital will be certainly required!

  2. Hi Paritosh,
    Nowadays we see lot of sites doin the same thing. They provide the same info on sms. Juz tell me who all can stsrt this. Dont they require any “license”. What about my today. Earlier it was free now they hv started charging Do they need a license now??? Any Idea??


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