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Re-Activate Expired Google SMS Channel Subscription

Haven’t received free sms’s in the form of jokes, breaking news, blog updates, etc subscribed from Google Sms?
Well, you are not the only one! Google sends its subscribers sms’s mentioning that they need to activate their subscription in order to continue receiving free sms’s. The reason why you are receiving these sms’s is fact that you have been inactive for more than 6 months. And by “inactive”, Google means that you have not visited the Google Sms channels web site or have not sent any SMS to 9870807070 from your mobile for at least 6 months.

In case you still haven’t received any such sms from google then see the following image to get an idea of the Sms you will receive prior to deactivation of your service by Google Sms Channel:

How To Re-Activate Free Sms From Google Sms Channel

The sms you will receive from google will contain the details of activation. However, am still repeating them for convenience. All you need to do is type “ACTV” (without quotes) and send it to +919870807070 (the same number from where Google send’s you sms). Since this is a regular number and NOT A PREMIUM number, you will be charged as per normal sms rates of your operator (For Airtel its Rs. 1).

Once you send the sms, you will receive a comfirmation stating that your account has been successfully activated. From thereon, you will start receiving sms from Google Sms channel as usual.

P.SI previously wrote an article which lets you receive free santabanta sms joke’s on your mobile. In case you haven’t read that article yet, then visit the following link:

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  1. I sent ACTV to +919870807070 , but I have not got any confirmation reply from google, Please Help me

  2. last 2 months i didn’t receive any sms from google sms channel if i send (ACTV) and i got conformation message only so please help me

  3. i am send actv to 9870807070 but i am getting a message an invalid address what shall i do to active the sms from google

  4. las tym i hav de-activated all my google-sms channels by sending DNDON to 9870807070….n now i hav activated it by sending ACTV 2 d same num n created some channels…..nw i not able to receive any msg’s 4m google…..i didn’t even receive verification code……whzzz d prob…?????

  5. plz send me d messages channel which are suscribed by mobile number 08055264774.
    i am addicted of these msgs
    plz suscribe my all sms channels.

  6. hi sir i am satish.i want free sending sms app. for my nokia2700.if you have then tell me. my mobile no. is 8801771870

  7. i am not reciving any mgs from sms chanel when i can send an to lab 9870807070 i can notrecive ani verification mgs and i send ACTV msg also but i cannot get any reply

  8. Google seems to be having some problem with sms labs. Even i didn’t get any verification sms. Also, don’t try for next few days as goverment of india has banned bulk sms.

  9. There is no need to be depressed. You can always open another channel. And you can post your query here: groups.google.com/group/google-sms-channels

  10. The only reason for Google to block/remove your channel is “Unacceptable” content. Make sure your Google sms channel complied with Terms and Conditions. And if it did then open a ticket with Google to get this thing rectified.

    hi! i am ganesh from shirdi. i am registered owner of two sms channels, named as “jacksparrow and saathiyaa”. i have created that channels before two years. there are more than 1000 members in these groups. before 15 days jacksparrow was disappeared from my channels tab and also from search box and today saathiyaa is disappeared. i have not deleted them.
    now i am unable to send msgs on my channels. whenever i send a msg i get a reply as “valid commands: on off and so on..”
    and i get same reply when i send help jacksparrow or help saathiyaa.
    when i send ch on both the channels are shown in reply.
    so i request you to help me to start my channels again.
    please help me..
    i am waiting for your kind reply.


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