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National Instruments Launches VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument In India

National Instruments, based in USA, has launched todayVirtualBench all-in-one instrument, which works with a software application that runs on PC or iPad. The device provides the most common measurement technology affordably and opens up new possibilities for how engineers and academicians can use benchtop instruments.

image 2The VirtualBench integrates a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and digital I/O. This can be connected easily with a PC or an iPad. The VirtualBench is compact, portable and takes very less space on your bench. The user can connect it via an existing WiFi network or directly to a network hosted by VirtualBench. With this device, the engineers can consolidate the user interface for each instrument and can gather the data of all the components. Moreover, they can see all instrumetns in one screen. The users can instantly document results by simply clicking or tapping a button to save screenshots and data on their iPad or PC.


The VirtualBench is targetted at 3500 AICTE approved engineering colleges across the country and also at small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in India. With this approach, the idea of National Instruments is to incorporate VirtualBench into a teaching lab so students can learn industry-relevant test methodologies and technologies using instrumentation that provides a more student-relevant user interface and creates more workspace for experiments. National Instruments India has already provided lab view experience in various colleges in India. To widen its scope and reach, National Intstruemts also plan to introduce VirtualBench in SAARC nations.

Speaking at the launch event, Joel Shapiro, Leader of Emerging Markets Marketing at NI, said, “Many entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists don’t always have easy access to the instruments they need. Due to the excellent functionality, affordability and portability of VirtualBench, every engineer can immediately be equipped with the tools they require to bring their ideas to life and take it to market.”

The VirtualBench is now available in India for INR 1,38,000 with PC version app. The VirtualBench app for iPad will be available in the App Store later this summer.


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