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Need Value For Money? Go For MTNL 3G! Cheap Data Rates, Video Calling.

MTNL was the first operator to launch the 3G services in the country and since then many developments have taken place. MTNL has also contributed in popularising the 3G services. The first thing MTNL did was to make 3G services as affordable as 2G for both voice and video calling as well as data. You can do a local video call @ 20 paise per minute which is cheaper than the voice call that many service providers are offering. For data also, they have brought down prices drastically and are continuously offering better data rates to their customers.

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This was the first initiative of MTNL and the second initiative was to enable all their customers for 3G so that there is no entry barrier for for the 3G customers. The initial response to 3G service of MTNL was slow but now it is picking up fast. In the last financial year, data usage of MTNL went up by nine times and it is continuing to grow. Although the customers are yet to become aware of 3G services, it will soon become as common as 2G.

MTNL is planning to upgrade the network because the usage has started increasing . The network in Delhi and Mumbai will also be expanded and this is part of continuous planning and now that MTNL have seen the usage going up, they have sped up the process. I personally believe that if MTNL rakes in the best of equipment and really works towards providing quality service then this state run telecom service provider can give its competitors (Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc) a run for money.

Do share your view on MTNL’s 3G services on it’s overall performance as a service provider.


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