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Ways To Bypass The 100 SMS /Day Limit Imposed By TRAI

Although there are restrictions imposed by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to restrict 100 SMSes per day yet there are several options which allow you not to worry about the restrictions and send more than 100 SMS’s without any upper limit! You just need a smartphone, a free application and a basic data plan that can start as low as Rs. 98 per month (Airtel, Vodafone, etc). I am listing down some popular mobile applications using which you will be able to enjoy the good old days of limitless smsing 😉

For Blackberry User

Few applications – both proprietary and platform dependent are available in the market and the best known of the lot is BBM i.e BlackBerry Messenger. BBM serves as an alternative to sms by sending text messages between 2 people with BlackBerry phones. It allows them to chat for free with each other no matter where in the world they are and that too in an encrypted environment, thus more secure. Blackberry users can also try Whatsapp and Liveprofile but BBM is the recommended option.

For Android Users

Android is growing at a fast pace with many applications being published in the android market day in day out. Some of the recommended applications for Android users are. Whatsapp and Liveprofile.

For Apple iOS Users

Apple is expected to offer a proprietary messaging platform in the upcoming iOS5 operating system which will be called iMessage and it will connect users of iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. Though the propietory application is yet to be tested but it’s alternative are already available in the market viz. Whatsapp, Liveprofile. Whatsapp being the best of the lot.

For Symbian (Nokia) Users

Ah. The forgotten Symbian users should not feel left alone. S60v5, Symbian^3 users have the option to install Whatsapp and enjoy limitless texting. Moreover Liveprofile is expected to come out with its own version of texting app soon.

Currently, Android devices and other platforms are steadily eating into proprietary smartphone monopolies and cross-platform messenger apps are rising in popularity. These apps are free and offer many additional features such as group chat, multimedia messaging and push notifications. To enjoy these features, you need to have a data connection on your phone and your friends need to have the same app installed on their handsets as well.

Let me know which application you have installed after TRAI’s 100 SMS per day regulation was introduced.


  1. wat a stupid rule is this….change the rule and remember v r living in a democratic country..which gave us right to speech who r u 2 take this rule ack…get back

  2. What the hell is this…. Sms is our only entertainment… 100 sms is not at all enough per day… Please TRAI Change ur decision…. Plzzzzzzz take a +ive decision….. plzzzzzzz dont blame us…… Come on guys. Join your hands to change this 100 SMS per day cap …… Plzzzzzzzz TRAI understand our feelings…

  3. Hi Paritosh and yes you are right about the calling part. But I have some friends who are supposed to be chatting constantly with their someone specials. Some of them carry multiple phones whereas others who can’t do it do what I said.
    And about the other part; there was this website (I can’t recall it’s name) had amazing features. They did not have any ads, were free and the best part, unlimited smses. Also you could schedule smses to be sent so you could schedule some message before some festival to be sent to your relatives or like a birthday wish to be sent at exactly 12.00 it would. Also it would only show your number at the bottom of the text.

  4. I am glad that you took time to enlighten us about the fall-backs 🙂

    The 2 points you mentioned, First, It is not practical to keep on switching sims just for the sake of sending sms. It might be a easy job for you as an individual but not for the genera not-so-techy users. Moreover, what if someone is trying to call you and you have some other sim installed :p
    Second, Online texting is an option and there are many sites available but then again, there are many issues with that. Access to computer/laptop, Advertisements below sms (not favored by all), are some of the main issues.

    An application which sits in your phone is something as close to sending sms 🙂

  5. Hi found your site on http://piggybankpie.com/guest-blogging/101-blogs-that-accept-guest-posts/. It’s quite nice but not (Constructive criticism) very descriptive. Also you left out on the two easiest ways to bypass it.
    The first one is own a cheap phone with easy to put SIM card feature. Like in my dad’s phone there was this slot at the side where you could pop the card in and out. So own many SIM cards and text your heart out.
    The other even easier way is online texting. There are many amazing websites which offer free texting services. So what’s stopping you?


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