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New Updated LINE App Incorporates A Colorful Theme Shop

LINE, which is a free messaging, as well as free domestic and international voice and video calls, app for smartphones, has introduced new version of LINE ver. 4.0.0. This version of LINE app include a new colorful “Theme Shop” on Android platform. The iPhone (iOS) version of the update will be released soon.

image003 (2)The “Theme Shop” features an in-app store for purchasing LINE colorful themes. The new release also introduces “Delete Messages” and “Forward” buttons to the top of the chat screen, along with a flurry of additional new features, minor bug fixes, improved voice call quality, and more.

In addition to the Brown and Cony themes already available for free on LINE app, now users can download all new paid themes to build a pack of colorful themes on LINE.Themes featuring popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and more will be added in the near future to keep the Theme Shop alive with entertainment.

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image006With the updated LINE app, users can edit text and images in chats with the Edit Messages feature that includes options to delete and forward messages as well as save notes. The Delete Messages function only deletes the message from the user’s own mobile device’s chat. The message will not be deleted from the chats of the recipients of the message.

 Highlights of New Features:

1.The Delete Messages function helps organize chats by deleting unnecessary messages and making important information that much more accessible

2. If the user has an image or message to show to a friend in a different chat, it can be forwarded to them

3. Important messages can be saved to Notes such as information users want to remember and messages users want to show to members who may join the Group later

How to edit messages:

1. Users can tap the arrow button in the top right of any chat screen

2. Users can tap Edit Messages to select from any one of the following – “Delete Messages”, “Forward”, or “Save to Notes”

3. Users can tap any message to mark it for deletion, forwarding, or saving. When forwarding messages, the user must also select the friend or Group Chat one want to send the message to

LINE has also added following features in the new update:

1. Increased the number of images users can send at one time in a chat to 20

2. Added a prompt asking users to confirm whether or not to open a URL received from anyone not on the Friends list

3. Added 2 new tones for messages


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