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What New Year Resolutions Were Taken On Twitter Platform In India

It is habit among majority of people to make resolutions when the new year dawns on them. It is another matter that most of us also forget about our resolutions when the feeling of new year celebrations start to wane.

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Since most of people are now communicating on social networks, many declarations about new year resolutions have been made on Twitter across the globe. ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics’ arm of TO THE NEW has publishing a report today that has monitored Twitter feeds across India to scan for these resolutions being mentioned by people. The report is summarised below:

  • Majority of new year resolutions were initiated by men, however as compared with the previous year  this year more women have shared their New Year Resolution for 2014
  • Addiction : Of the hundred approximately every 4th netizenis not happy with their drinking, smoking  & eating habits
  • Health & Fitness: Almost Every 3rd netizen who posted about their resolution were fitness conscious
  • Every 2ndFitness freak was concerned about loosing & gaining weight
  • Of the fitness freak every 9th netizen was concerned about routine running, fitness workout &  Scheduled diet, Rest were not happy with their routinely sleeping habits
  • Financial : Most of the men have also promised to spend less and invest more while women were  mostly discussing about saving money in 2014
  • Personal : Netizen facing personal issues promised to stay peaceful in 2014 while many Netizen’s have  also resolved to get more serious and generous; A few students planned to be more serious towards their studies
  • Relationship : Many people also promised not to flirtatious, ditch their partners & break hearts, the  rest planned to find serious love in 2014
  • Social / Public Welfare : Netizen requested politicians for dropping corruption & working for the  public welfare

The study was commissioned by TO THE NEW, a digital services network that conceives, creates and manages digital platforms for content, communities and commerce, since 2010.


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