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Newest Mobile Phones To Market In UK

At this time of year the mobile manufactures get together to launch a lot of new handset before the new year. There are so many new handsets kicking around at any one time that it has become difficult to know which to go for. Our choice changes with the launch new handset and the newest mobile phones we (at least i do) like are the ones that can surf the net, have GPS and come on a good monthly deal (AT&T and other networks provide monthly/yearly deals).


Once we have established the handset we like, now we have to think of other important features that the cell phone must posses. You have to remember its up to 2 years for a contract mobile now (sort of mandatory) , so you need to get it right. Battery life is crucial for a mobile phone that has internet and GPS, there is no point having internet on the go if your mobile phone does not have a decent battery life ! GPS is currently hard on a mobile phones battery, so do look at battery active and standby times.

Probably the best newest mobile phones to checkout in my opinion are from HTC, Samsung, Sony and not to forget Nokia. The technology is dazzling now days, but ensure you have the phone you need to do the job you want it to do ! Dont take the commitment of a contract lightly.

If you select the wrong one, you will be stuck with it for almost 2 years which is definitely not a short time. So do a through research before buying new handsets.


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