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Next Generation Heavy-Duty Volvo Trucks Launched in India

Volvo Trucks has launched today 6 heavy-duty trucks under the FM and FMX range in India for more productivity and safety. Volvo FM & FMX range of trucks come with high productivity and efficiency, unmatched safety, excellent driver comfort and enhanced connectivity features. These trucks come in following variants for different segments;

  • FMX 460 8×4 20.3 cu.m solution is designed to deliver a superior combination of agility and durability for the mining segment.
  • FMX 460 8×4 33cu.m solution designed for coal transportation.
  • FMX 500 8×4 off-road dump truck is a completely new solution for tough mining application requirements. With increased front axle loads of 20 tonnes and a 38-tonne bogie, it is built for the most demanding assignments allowing for 15% payload increase.
  • FM 420 8×4 23cu.m solution is designed to suit Road construction and mega infrastructure projects.
  • FM 500 6×4 puller has been built to set new industry standards in over dimensional / overweight cargo movement
  • FM 420 4×2 tractor solution for high-speed long haul application (e-Commerce, Just-In-Time Supply Chains) comes with much enhanced driver comfort, improved aerodynamics and better connectivity

With cab volume increased by up to 1000 litre, the new range offers better comfort and more working room. Cabin comfort is further enhanced through better thermal and noise insulation helping drivers to improve productivity. With larger windscreen, lowered door lines and new mirrors, driver’s direct visibility has improved by 10%. Visibility is the key to safety. The high capacity FMX500 also gets an additional passenger corner camera and provision for four more cameras to be installed for enhanced visibility.

The driver’s console now has a completely new interface for information and communication, aimed at making it easier to overview and manage different functions, creating less stress and distraction. A fully digital 12-inch driver interface shows all the performance and maintenance parameters of the truck like Pre-Trip check and Intuitive traction display. Select variants offer a supplementary 9-inch touch screen display for infotainment, phone connectivity, driver guide, real time driver behaviour mapping, transport information and camera monitoring. The vehicles can also have Android Auto and other third-party apps installed based on customer’s application. Drivers can now connect the phone to the truck using Bluetooth, making connectivity safer and easier.

Rear view camera on all mining trucks also ensures safety while loading / unloading. All the trucks are equipped with electronic braking system (EBS) as a standard feature. Downhill cruise control feature sets a maximum speed to help prevent unwanted acceleration when travelling downhill with load, thus also increasing brake life. The I-shift lever and software is new and includes additional drive modes. The engine management system has been improved from Version 2.2 to 2.4 with several design upgrades too. The I-Roll function automatically disengages the engine when not required. All these functions along with improved aerodynamics and real time driver coaching helps improve fuel efficiency.

The service offerings are now comprehensive and digital with the launch of Volvo Connect telematics solution. This enables customers to get all the performance parameters of the truck in one user-friendly platform with the convenience of sitting at their desk. This includes fleet management services like Positioning, performance-boosting services like fuel and environment, to allow real-time tracking of trucks, as well as improve driver skills by individually monitoring their driving behaviour. All these services are well monitored and analysed to get the maximum uptime through 12 Volvo Uptime Centres spread across India.


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