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Nexus 4 Still Out Of Stock, No Restock In Sight

In what must be one of the biggest SNAFUs in tech distribution history, Google’s latest smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, is still out of stock. Having sold out globally within an hour late last year, it was briefly in stock again during November. Sadly, if you didn’t nab what some are calling the best Android phone on the market, you may be out of luck for quite some time.

No one is entirely sure what the reason behind the lack of stock is, but one thing is for sure – Google have made it very clear that this is not their fault, and the blame rests solely with LG, who, if this is actually the case, are going to be very lucky if they ever work with Google again.

The sad thing is that in a market largely dominated by the Samsung Galaxy SIII and now its LTE version, you’ve not got a lot of alternative options. But the Nexus 4 not only provides that alternative, it’s arguably better in quite a few areas. Sadly, the phone is AWOL, and the much-trumpeted wireless charging station has yet to make an appearance, even for those who have been lucky enough to get a hold of the device.

All is not lost, as multiple carriers are actually offering the phone, but sadly at a considerable markup that makes the Nexus 4’s extremely low price a moot point for a potential buyer. The only other alternative is eBay, and as you can very well imagine, the online auction site is not going to feature sensible prices for anything that is extremely hard to get hold of.

We can only hope that the Nexus 4 – and the Nexus 10 tablet, for that matter – are going to be back in stock soon. Until then, you’ve got to ask the question – what exactly are Google and LG doing, having approved a plan that only manufactured 400,000 of the most desirable new Android phone in the world?


This article has been written by Allie Cooper. She is a young upcoming writer, a certified gamer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews, and writes about O2, tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to bigger businesses.



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