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Nimbuzz Premium Version: Ad-Free Treat From Nimbuzz!

Nimbuzz is one of the most used IM applications by mobile phone users connecting users on Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, AIM, Myspace, etc. Justifying this widespread use, Nimbuzz even won Best Mobile IM client of 2011! Being a 100% free application, Nimbuzz works on in-app advertising model to support its development. Recently Nimbuzz launched a premium version for Nokia users costing 3 Euros/$3. The Premium version comes ad-free meaning those ads that you see in chat window aren’t there, thus even more clean interface!

The plethora of features that Nimbuzz comes with stay same for both the ad-free version as well as the free version. The prime difference, infact the only difference is visible in chat window viz.:

  • There are NO ads. (You might have guessed it alredy. LOL).
  • Ability to chat in iphone style bubbles. The chat bubbles are visually attractive and conversations can be easily differentiated.
  • Chat window background can be easily customized. You can set the background as an image (of your choice too); Single color.
  • The colour of text in chat window can be changed as per your want. This comes in handy when you want the chat window to match with the theme you are using in your Nokia symbian phone.

Other than the above mentioned inclusions there are no other differences between the premium version and free version of Nimbuzz. In my opinion, the exclusion of ads from chat window and speech bubbles are the biggest plus points for paying/charging a premium rate. It’s good to know Nimbuzz understanding the needs of app users and making necessary changes, heavy Nimbuzz users can opt in for ad-free version as the ads can be a little annoying at times.

In my opinion Nimbuzz is charging a cheap price for an app of great utility. Nimbuzz ad-free version is available for all Nokia Symbian S60 devices supported on the OviStore (S60v3 i.e E63, E71,etc; S60v5 i.e 5230, 5233, 5800 XpressMusic, C6, N97mini, etc; Symbian^3 i.e N8, C7, etc). You can download the latest version of ad-free version of Nimbuzz directly over Nokia OVI Store.

The free version of Nimbuzz can be downloaded here (OVI Store link).


  1. what should i do? My mobile is samsung galaxy android, what nimbuzz version should i get to access in chat rooms?


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