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No Need To Censor The Web – We Are Not In Medieval Age [Google Vs Govt. Of India]

Google is absolutely right when it says that it is not possible for the company to monitor everything on its website. Whatever arguments Google’s eminent battery of lawyers may put forth in the respective courts when the case against Google  and other companies shall come up for hearing, one thing is clear that these companies should not be bowed down by criticism of few individuals and Government of India, for its online contents.

We are living in 21st century and in this age of advanced communications, how can you restrain an individual to express his views on variety of subjects. Even if some objectionable and highly critical content is posted on line then it is upto an individual to read or see that content or just ignore it. Today, you want to ban online postings then can this government ban lot of objectionable Hindi and English movies, which are screened every Friday and which contain lot of objectionable scenes and dialogues. If a particular segment of audience want to see such movies, they do it and those who find such movies crass and despicable, they just avoid it.

Nowadays people are educated enough to distinguish between good and bad. If you do not want to see objectionable content then no body forces you to see it. In this age of freedom of expression, it is regressive thinking to even imagine about banning online contents. Can we survive without searching for our various requirements and without sharing our views and chatting online? We are in 2012 and not in medieval age. Hope lawmakers and law enforcement agencies are very well seized of realities of modern day life!

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  1. yes, what the writer said is true
    there shouldn’t be restrictions on web content
    but everyone should keep self discipline while interacting with web media
    i mean, one should restrain themselves from posting porn, hatred, racial or cultural discriminations, etc


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