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Stick It! Free Your Player – Android App That Makes Videos “Stick” On Mobile Screen! [Review]

A 4.3″ inch screen, dual core processor and the ability to play videos. This is just an example of Samsung Galaxy S II, one amongst many such similar powerful smartphones. Have you ever wondered what could these 3 things be possibly used for other than viewing HD videos without any glitch? No?

Well, the developer of Stick it! did think of something different. Stick it! is an android application that “sticks” a video player on the screen of your mobile phone much like a sticky windows media player. The awesome part is, the video remains on your screen, in a smaller version, no matter what you are doing. Yes! You’ll be able to view video while writing emails, test messages, surfing web, etc. Stick it! places a video player with customization screen size on top of the application screen (or otherwise) being viewed.

Stick it! is a different concept whole-together and for this reason I decided to review it. Read on to know what I experienced using Stick it!

Initial Expression


Yep, that’s what came across my mind when I came to know about Stick It! Isn’t it wonderful to have a mobile application that lets you view videos and do other work simultaneously? It certainly enticed my at the first glance!! As a matter of fact, It would great to watch episodes of Two And A Half Men while browsing through your emails and replying them while being treated being humor of Charlie 😉


Stick It! offers 3 modes of video player viz. Transparent, Mac OS X, Windows 7 with Transparent player being the most elegant one. It’s the “gelling up” with the wallpaper/mobile theme rather than the windows style that makes Transparent style window my preference. In terms of functionality, tapping on the video player brings up 2 basic and essential options (categorized here) i.e option to increase/decrease video size and forward/rewind the video (took me a while to figure this out! – You’ll see that in video below). Nothing more, nothing less. Exactly what a on-screen video player player like this requires.

Built In Video Explorer


The crucial aspect of any mobile app. In terms of performance, Stick It! blew me when I played a single video and did the other chores. The “sticky” video did not slow down the device or became sluggish at any time. And just to make this point even clear, I had a HD 720p video running with Stick It! and was multi-tasking with 8 apps running in background. With this kind of result, I am pretty sure that Stick It! will be not bog down your phone if you are playing videos less than or equal to 720p on a mediocre spec mobile device but of-course, the scenario will be different for dual core devices, with powerful processors and more RAM. It’ll be smooth as butter!

The problem arose when I tried playing 2 instances of video’s. Though, the app clearly warns that certain devices aren’t supported but I still took it for a drive. Stick It! was able to play multiple instances of 480p video’s (and less) but anything above that lagged. A combination of two 720p videos made one of them not watchable (depending upon which one was played last). Though, this is not a deal breaker.

Memory Footprint

Ah. A very important point especially for the RAM ridden mobile phones. On an average Stick It! used ~60 Mb RAM while playing a single instance (720p) and ~120 Mb when 2 instances of Stick It! on screen video player were running. Though 60 Mb may sound like a burden on low RAM devices but then it’ll be unfair to expect a video player offering such a functionality to consume anything less. On the other hand for high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S II this is barely a noticeable figure 🙂

In A Nut Shell

A must have!! You gotta buy it if you are like me who does love to watch video in one corner of screen and work on the rest. Stick It! is available for purchase at a meager price of $ 1.49, a small price to pay for something as awesome as this.

Stick It! Free Your Player! – Android Market Link



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