Nokia Lumia 525 ‘Glee’, Successor Of Lumia 520 Appears In Leaked Screenshots


Nokia lumia 520 has been a great windows device and has helped Microsoft push forth its market share in smartphone market dominated by Android. Naturally there have been expectations from Microsoft for a more refined and competitive version of Lumia 520. Rightly so going by a recent leaked screenshot, there is a Lumia 525 code-named Glee which is expected to be the successor of Lumia 520.

There’s isn’t much to know about Nokia Lumia 525 apart from the fact that it looks strikingly similar to its predecessor (refer image above) and that it will carry,

  • 1 GB RAM (rather than 512 MB),
  • Dual-core CPU,
  • Adreno 305 GPU,
  • 480 x 800 pixels resolution display,
  • Possible free Nokia Music subscription,
  • NFC-enabled Bluetooth headset (touted to be Nokia Guru) as part of the package.



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