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4 Great iOS Apps for Motorcyclists

There are a gazillion apps out there for car drivers, but what about bikers? If you use a motorcycle as your primary form of transportation, you might feel like you’re missing out on the app front. Whether you’re looking to track your riding stats or the most scenic route for your next ride, we’ve got a roundup of the best iOS apps for motorcycle riders.


Zero Motorcycles

All 2013 Zero bikes are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Download this app to your mobile device and then pair it with your bike, and you’ll get two distinct modes: The first, statistics mode, lets you look through a variety of data, such as total miles, battery information and total kW. The second mode, riding mode, keeps track of your bike’s charge, torque, how long you have until you’re empty and the distance until you’re out of charge. You don’t have to manually toggle between these two modes—when the app detects the motorcycle is on, it switches to riding mode for you automatically.


Motorcycling is more than a pastime for many—it’s a way of life. EatSleep Ride covers the many aspects of biking you want to share with others, such as using the phone’s GPS to track the routes you ride. You can share these with your biker friends, so they can experience the best roads to ride on as well.

Another major feature of this app is crash detection. If you’re in a crash, it contacts your emergency contacts with complete location information, so you aren’t lying out there in the cold if you’re knocked unconscious.

Bike Bandit

You’ve stopped for a rest and realized you have a laundry list of gear you want to get for your bike. Instead of hoping you remember everything you need when you get home, the Bike Bandit app allows you to gain access to 8 million motorcycle parts. The free app also connects you with motorcycle helmets, jackets and other accessories. The user-friendly interface allows you to narrow down your selections, and if you do want to make the purchase immediately, it offers a secure checkout.

Race Sense

Race Sense is an extensive statistics app for racing motorcycles. It records data such as corner angles, straightaway speeds, bracing force and on-track locations. It uses the bike’s sensors along with the phone’s GPS to figure out these important racing metrics. This type of read-out was formerly reserved for racing crews that had specialized equipment designed to track this information. Now you can use it even if you’re an amateur racer, giving you the ability to get up to speed more quickly than you expect. It takes time to learn exactly how to apply the statistics to your racing, but over time, you’ll be able to adjust and take home more wins.


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