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Nokia Lumia 920 To Feature Wireless Charging, 32 GB Storage And Pureview Camera

Tomorrow is an eventful day for Nokia when they are expected to announce their two new Windows 8 smartphones in a joint event with Microsoft Corporation in New York. Success of these smartphones is of utmost importane for Nokia to remain afloat in the foreseeable future otherwise their fortunes will dip further. When a mobile giant like Nokia is going to announce new products that too in a scenario of do or die situation, how can rumour mills remain silent. They have been churning out one detail after another and are keeping smartphone loves to keep guessing what will be unfolded on 5th September, 2012.

As per technology blog The Verge, Finnish handset maker will reveal the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones at the event. “Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging support will be provided via an inductive method — lining the device up to the contacts on a charging pad, adding “it will support the Qi wireless power standard — making it compatible with other wireless charging products.”

Further details indicate that the Lumia 920 will feature 4.5″ inch HD display, and  powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

Besides above features, another feature being floated by rumor mills is that Lumia 920 will also have a PureView camera. According to the Verge  the Lumia 920 “will indeed brand its Lumia 920 camera as PureView, but that the camera will be an 8-megapixel one — not the 41-megapixel one found on the company’s 808 PureView handset.” The phone will also carry  a 1.3 megapixel front camera. Lumia 820 may not be branded as PureView.

On the other hand, Nokia’s Lumia 820 will come with 8 GB of built-in storage. Nokia will provide a microSD slot to expand this further. The device will feature a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM just like its big brother, the Lumia 920. The Lumia 820 may also allow  for interchangeable rear covers in different colours, just like the Lumia 710.

These are just speculations and how much is true will be known to the world tomorrow. If you are Nokia lover then stay tuned tomorrow night to get first hand information about new Nokia devices.


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