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Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker – Miniscule Size, Big Sound! [Review]

Capsule speakers have always enticed my considering their portability and power they rake in. Veho 360 bluetooth speaker is yet another capsule speaker that came across while I was googling for bluetooth speakers. Unlike other wired speakers, Veho 360 allows you to stream music from your mobile phone via bluetooth i.e supports A2DP.

Thanks to Mobilefun.co.uk, I had the opportunity to try out Veho 360. Without further banalities, I will get on reviewing this mobile phone accessory. As usual, it has been categorized into separate individual heads. Enjoy the read!


Anything that supports wireless technology is meant to be useful and interesting. Veho 360 is no exception. It lets me listen to music from my Galaxy S II without attaching wire of any sort. Just turn on bluetooth, pair it with Veho 360 and you are good to go. Plus you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pair it with your device. Veho 360 has a bluetooth switch, which when turned on, by default makes the speaker available for making connection. Moreover, Veho 360 automatically connects with the previously paired device. So that’s a task saver 🙂


Veho 360 is ridiculously small in size. Cylindrical shaped, black colored speaker are small enough to easily fit in your hand and/or carry in your pocket. True size of being called “portable”. More importantly, though the shape is cylindrical, Veho 360 doesn’t fall short of looking good. Yes, the design is simplistic in nature but it still manages to catch attention with smooth body line and beautifully crafted top speaker cover (refer image).


What’s the use when there are performance issues 😉 (if you know what I mean). Well, fortunately Veho 360 isn’t all about small size and good looks. It packs in performance which will blow your mind away! When I say, blow your mind, I meant it in retrospective terms i.e for the price you shed for Veho 360, the performance is really really good. Playing music from close to 9 meter range, wirelessly to a small, sexy looking black beauty placed in center of table is bliss. Veho 360 delivers clear treble, doesn’t generate much of bass but you can’t really expect it to do so either. I have made a small video demoing the speaker output since it’s better to hear it rather than describe it in words.

Battery Punch

Packed with 400 mAh rechargeable battery, Veho 360 lets you listen to music for 3 hours (at max volume). This is what it’s official documentation says, for me, streaming music from around 5-6 meter range and at 70% volume I was able to extract roughly 5 hours of playtime before Veho 360 weighed down. This is an acceptable time since wireless streaming kind of sucks more power even though there’s 400 mAh battery capacity. Not exceptional but certainly not bad.

Additional Accessories, Functionalities

Veho 360’s packaging comes with a end to end 3.5 mm jack cable which gives you added functionality of connecting the speaker with any device having 3.5 mm jack, thus allowing to play music from virtually any electronic music device out there! More over, the same can be used as buddy jack. So, there’s a single wire and multiple functionalities 🙂

Wrapping Up

Veho 360 is good choice for portable wireless speakers. They are available for just $ 31.99 (nearly Rs. 1800) and are great travel companion, for lighting casual meets with friends, colleagues in backyard, et al. A good addition to your gadget collection especially if you like listening to soft music every now and then without having the need to put on headphones.

You can buy Veho 360 from Mobilefun’s online portal – Veho SoundBlaster Portable Speaker (Black Variant)


  1. Yes, it is a mobile phone accessory. And no, you cannot make calls with it since there’s no MIC present. For making calls you’d still require to talk into your mobile phone’s mic whereas audio out will be through these speakers.

  2. It is a mobile phone accessory? So you can make calls with it? I mean for only $ 31.99 it’s pretty nice when I can use it with my mobile…


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