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Nokia – Reconnect With Indian Users, Fast. Opportunities Are Plenty!

As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India – TRAI – there are 865 million mobile subscribers in India and out of which 206 million are active rural subscribers. India’s rural population is 700 million and which means approx. 500 million rural Indians are still outside the mobile network. These figures presents a massive challenge for the government whose proclaimed objective is inclusive growth for the common man, and golden opportunity for handsets manufacturers and service providers to target this untapped market.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, and literacy drive of the government, the rural youth would be interested in these devices. Those manufacturers who can connect themselves with the aspirations of rural people, will reap rich dividends, in the coming years.

In above scenario, Nokia should take the lead, the way it popularised its earlier mobile phones. Its tagline for advertising campaign is: Connecting People. Of late, due to advent of Android based smartphones, it has somehow disconnected from the Nokia fans.

Time to consolidate Indian market share.

Now, with the launch of Lumia and Asha series of smartphones on Windows based operating system,  and dual SIM  phones,Nokia should focus its attention to capture the imagination of rural India, who would lovingly accept its entry level Asha  smartphones. But Nokia should have to be aggressive in its marketing campaign and invite the prospective customers to reconnect with it.

Opportunities are lying on the platter and it depends how Nokia captures it and change the game for itself.  Nokia should prove now that they may be low but not out.Hope, Nokia will act very fast as it is already behind the race and shall have to leapfrog, to remain a leader in the emerging markets.



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