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Nokia’s Future In Indian Market With Windows Phone OS – Competition With Android

Nokia is going to introduce shortly their smart-phones in India based on Windows Phone operating systems, which will have to compete with already established smart-phones working on Android based operating systems.

Just to take an idea as to how successful will Nokia be in Indian market, I conducted a small survey. Most of the users interviewed showed not much importance to the operating systems but the features and brand associated with the devices. When I posed the question to the prospective buyers about new Nokia smart-phones coming to the market with Windows Mango operating system, they were not unusually excited about this despite the fact that Nokia is an established brand in India.

Nokia’s Competition

This latent view of Indian mobile phone users can very well work for Nokia and against it as well. By delivering a rock solid, feature rich windows based mobile phones, Nokia-Windows collaboration can capture the India market but on the flip side if at all Nokia doesn’t stand up to the expectations of “feature hungry” Indian audience then the consequence can be severe with Android making mark with each passing quarter.

Nokia, which desperately need revival, will have to weave magic around its devices and shall have to create impressive advertising campaign, to recapture the imagination of the customers, who have drifted away from Nokia (Not so in India though).

Can Nokia-Windows bring back Nokia's old charm?

Apart from Google’s Android, there’s Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry too which poses danger for Nokia’s smart-phone market. Although Nokia does not have much competition in India from lovers of  Apple iPhone as their number is not much but with a feature driven mindset this could very well change. When it comes to BlackBerry, it’s users will always be loved by business class and of recent outages in services, some of its customers may switch to other brands.

The Real Challenge

Nokia has real challenge from feature rich Ice Cream Sandwich which  may make it a little difficult task  for Microsoft and Nokia to make a dent in the emerging Android market in India. But Nokia and  Microsoft will not let go of this opportunity and will soon strike back with Windows 8, the operating system that may converge Microsoft’s PC, phones, and tablet operating systems.

The Android experience on budget phones is not  much to write about. Nokia specialises in manufacturing budget phones and they have sold huge numbers of low cost  mobile phones in India, in the past, can derive strength from the past laurels.  If Microsoft and Nokia can ensure that it will work as beautifully on a low-end phone, it could very well be a game changer.

I’ll always be Nokia Fanboi!

I have great expectations and respect for Nokia phones and quite confident that they will bring the best combination of hardware and software and will regain the lost ground. Analysts have predicted that Microsoft and Nokia would be lethal combination. Let it be so!



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