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NVIDIA Introduces G-SYNC Technology For Gaming Monitors

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NVIDIA  has unveiled NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which, for the first time, enables perfect synchronization between the GPU and the display. This technology will solve the very old problem of onscreen tearing, stuttering and lag. Several years in the making, G-SYNC technology synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU’s render rate, so images display the moment they are rendered. Scenes appear instantly. Objects are sharper and game play becomes smoother.


Since their earliest days, displays have had fixed refresh rates – typically 60 times a second (hertz). But, due to the dynamic nature of video games, GPUs render frames at varying rates. As the GPU seeks to synchronize with the monitor, persistent tearing occurs. Turning on V-SYNC (or Vertical-SYNC) eliminates tearing but causes increased latency and stutter as the GPU and monitor refresh at different rates.


G-SYNC technology includes a G-SYNC module designed by NVIDIA and integrated into gaming monitors, as well as hardware and software incorporated into certain Kepler-based GPUs.

Leading game developers have quickly embraced the benefits of G-SYNC technology, which enables their games to be played seamlessly. Many of the industry’s leading monitor manufacturers have already included G-SYNC technology in their product roadmaps for 2014. Among the first planning to roll out the technology are ASUS, BenQ, Philips and ViewSonic.

A variety of the industry’s leading system builders and integrators are planning to make G-SYNC technology available in the months ahead. Among them are Digital Storm, EVGA, Falcon Northwest, Overlord and Scan Computers.


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