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Nvidia Versus Intel: Nvidia Heading To Supercomputers, Tablets & Smartphones

Popular chipmaker Nvidia Corp, is entering into tablets, smartphones and supercomputer markets. It claims its new Tegra 3 processor delivers up to three times the graphics performance of its predecessor and uses 61% less power. Santa Clara, California based Nvidia, which started out making graphics chips for PCs and still makes most of its revenue that way, expects devices using the new processors to be on sale by the end of the year 2011.

The company announced on Monday i.e 14th November, 2011 that it was providing a new line of its Tegra Arm Processor for supercomputers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, a government funded research center in Spain.

Nvidia is entering the supercomputer market and throwing  a challenge to Intel’s processor dominance. Intel, the world’s largest producer of processors, has developed an ARM chip of its own, but offerings from competitors such as Nvidia are seen as a threat to the tech stalwart’s business and its efforts to grow into more mobile devices.

Early in 2011, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 mobile chip, which is based on architecture licensed from Britain’s ARM Holdings, was included in several new gadgets from Samsung, Asustek  and LG. The first tablet to use the Tegra 3 chip, manufactured by Nvidia will be Asustek’s Eee Pad TransformerPrime.

Intel Corp. so far has failed to find a foot hold in the mobile market and is hurrying to adapt its chip architecture, originally designed to make powerful PCs, to work efficiently in smart-phones and tablets.


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