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Official WordPress Application For Nokia(Symbian) Devices

Mobile blogging is not a much talked about subject. The reason being people (bloggers) prefer blogging via desktop rather than through their internet mobile phone and they are to some extent right in doing so as mobile limits blogging experience. However, there are fanatics like me who prefer mobile blogging as we are not present in front of pc’s all the time and don’t have the luxury to open up laptop in between heavy work schedule.

Keeping in mind the needs of such people, nokia is in the process of developing (currently in beta) a dedicated mobile application for symbian based phones. There is no compatibility list mentioned on their blog and therefore the applications needs to be tested by installing yourself. Although, it is working on the latest nokia phone models viz. 5230, 5800, 5233, etc.

The installation of wordpress mobile application requires prescence of ‘Qt libraries’ on your device other than that the process is fairly simple. You have 2 options for installing it on your symbian device :

  1. Use the smart installer and let the installer automatically download and install Qt libraries (Recommended).
  2. Separately install Qt libraries and wordpress application (This is recommended for those who don’t have internet on their device).

Installation is fairly simple and upon starting for first time you’ll need to enter credentials of your blog (Self-hosted or wordpress.com) like web address, username, password and number of posts you want to load (ideal is 10). After that it’ll load the posts, comments and pages, which by the way takes time but is a one time process unless some change are made. Other than initial setup, the application is simple to use and self-exploration will make you aware of all its functions.

The latest development version can be downloaded by visiting their official blog. It is recommended that the development version is unstable and should not be relied upon for writing important blog posts. For this purpose, not so experienced users are requested to try out the stable release available here.

NOTE : In case you need any help regarding its working then leave your query in the comments sections below and i will be happy to help you!!

Following are some of the screenshots of the latest build (0.6.91) :


  1. The application supports only wordpress.com and wordpress self hosted blogs. Moreover, it doesn’t work with proxies. Also, install stable release in case the latest build isn’t working.

  2. the app only works with wordpress blogs?
    because i have a website powered by wp posting plugin and in the installation process when they ask for username pass etc it keeps “fetching user’s blogs…” forever

    i dont know what im doing wrong

  3. Ops, sorry. I got the answer: the QT MUST be installed on main mobile memory and NOT on the flash card.
    Everything run smooth and by the numbers when installed on mobile main memory.



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