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Omega Launches Anti-Magnetic Watch – The Globemaster

Globemaster_13033412206001__1___1457761358_47800Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega, has launched the world’s first master chronometer, the Globemaster. According to Omega, ”this watch is the only tested anti-magnetic innovation which has emerged from the depth of 8 rigorous tests over a period of 10 days. Mechanical watches without anti-magnetic innovation can suffer long-term effects in their accuracy when exposed to magnetic fields. The Globemaster has combated a magnetic force of 15,000 Gauss to pass tests by METAS, the Swiss Federal Institute of Meteorology, and has maintained the optimum accuracy. With this watch, Omega has reached new standards of precision and now have a double certification for all their master chronomenter watches i.e. COSC and METAS”.

deviation of daily precision after exposure to 15000 gauss magnetic filed
The Globemaster is examined in 6 different wearing positions and contrasting power reserves. The watch spends 30 seconds in each position with the audio of average precision being recorded. The power reserve is then reduced by two thirds to guarantee precision between 100% and 33% of power reserve. It has been also climate tested at 22 and 33 degrees Celsius both on and off the wrist. With the most advanced mechanical movements, the watch has been subjected to more pressure up the point of its stated water resistance, adds the statement of the company.

This watch was unveiled by Oscar winning actor and Omega’s brand ambassador, Eddie Redmayne. This watch claims to have set new benchmarks of excellence by crossing COSC’s standards.


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