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OnePlus Announces OnePlus Scout For Universal Search For Indian Users

OnePlus, the leading smartphone brand, has announced OnePlus Scout which is its latest OxygenOS feature for universal search for Indian users of OnePlus smartphone. OnePlus Scout is part of the OnePlus launcher beta program on Google Play Store. Based on user feedback, it will be made available to all Indian users in the coming weeks as confirmed by OnePlus.

With OnePlus Scout, the OnePlus user can perform actions that previously involved three or more clicks with one swipe up from Home Screen. It is a universal search feature that lets you find anything on your device via the current app drawer whether it’s files, contacts, documents, music, or apps. OnePlus Scout also lets you browse content in your apps, like movies, nearby locations, services, and more. Besides, you can find solutions to simple math problems, find the latest news, look for the weather in any city or even use the microphone available on the search bar to find anything.

Commenting on the release, Ramagopala Reddy, Vice President for R&D, OnePlus India, said, “Since the inception of the OnePlus R&D Centre in Hyderabad, OnePlus Scout is one of the key projects that have been developed entirely out of the Indian centre, exclusively piloted for Indian OnePlus users. In line with our burdenless philosophy when it comes to both hardware and software of our products, we are confident that the OnePlus Scout will improve our user’s experience slashing seconds off the time spent searching for anything on your device.”

According to OnePlus, with the upcoming launch of OxygenOS 11, along with new global features, OnePlus will be revamping its India-specific features like Work-Life Balance and SMS Categorisation.


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