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OnePlus Foldable Smartphone Coming Soon

OnePlus has officially confirmed today that it is going to launch its first foldable smartphone in select overseas market soon. According to Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus and Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer of OPPO, he has challenged his teams at OnePlus and OPPO to work together to bring the best of both brands to the new foldable phone. This folding phone is jointly developed by the OPPO team and the OnePlus team. Pete has further confirmed that OnePlus and OPPO will simultaneously release the same Foldable Smartphone.

The OPPO team has accumulated strong experience in the foldable design and in the camera technologies while OnePlus is famous for creating a fast and smooth experience, burdenless design and the peak performance of the hardware. So it was decided to bring the best of these two teams of Oppo and OnePlus together and create this folding phone as further stated by OnePlus.

The alert slider, which has become a defining feature which OnePlus users love, will also feature on this folding phone.

According to OnePlus, foldable devices have one key feature: the hinge. The hinge is a critical component that not only impacts the space occupied within the device but also influences its overall durability and lifespan.

With over six hundred patents dedicated to hinge design, OnePlus has made significant strides in perfecting the foldable experience. Those who experienced the inaugural Find N foldable two years ago may recall the remarkable absence of a gap when the phone is closed — a truly seamless state achieved by the hinge. In fact, the phone remains securely held together even if a thin piece of paper is inserted between its halves.

In the case of the OnePlus foldable, OnePlus has developed 35 patents specifically tailored to the hinge. Through careful material selection, OnePlus claims to have managed to reduce both the size and weight of the hinge while enhancing its strength.

Compared to the hinge used in the OPPO Find N2, the hinge employed in the OnePlus foldable boasts a staggering 31 fewer components. This reduction not only contributes to a lighter device but also showcases improvements in material design and increased overall strength. Remarkably, the OnePlus foldable’s hinge is 37% smaller than its counterpart in the Find N2.

Besides large screen of OnePlus foldable phone, it embodies a lightweight and slim design, a powerful camera, and delivers a fast and seamless user experience.

OnePlus has established a strong reputation for providing fast and smooth experiences, and this legacy will be carried on in their folding phone. To enhance the large screen experience, OnePlus is working closely with Google to improve app adaptation.

More details about hardware details of OnePlus foldable smartphone will emerge in comind days! Stay tuned!


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