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OnePlus Introduces AI Eraser Image Editing Feature for its Smartphones

OnePlus has unveiled AI Eraser image editing feature for OnePlus smartphones. This feature leverage the power of artificial intelligence and a series of advanced algorithms. AI Eraser enables users to effortlessly select and remove unwanted objects within images from the Photo Gallery. After the user highlights certain objects, such as pedestrians, trash, or imperfections in the image, the underlying AI analyzes the selected area and automatically generates a replacement background that seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment while suiting the overall style of the image, resulting in flawless, picture-perfect images.

AI Eraser is the result of a substantial R&D investment from OnePlus that has been undertaken with a commitment to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content. The proprietary LLM behind the new feature has been trained on a vast dataset that allows it to comprehend complex scenes. Through this advanced visual understanding, AI Eraser is able to intelligently substitute unwanted objects with contextually appropriate elements that naturally elevate the photo’s appeal, empowering users with the ability to make high-quality photo edits anywhere and at any time.

The development of AI Eraser closely follows OnePlus’ user-centric design philosophy, which places a premium on the value of real user applications. By eliminating the need for complex manual editing or the use of dedicated photo editing software, AI Eraser makes image editing accessible to all users regardless of previous photo editing experience.

Starting from April, the feature will be rolled out gradually to OnePlus devices including the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4.


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