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OnePlus Sandstone iPhone Case Launched For iPhone 6, 6s At Rs 1,199

It appears OnePlus has decided to push its accessory business very seriously. After announcing Hard Graft Wild Phone Case For OnePlus 2 at Rs. 7,499, OnePlus has now targetted iPhone devices and launched today Sandstone iPhone Case for iPhone 6, 6s at Rs 1,199. This case will also be available on Amazon.in.


OnePlus has chosen Sandstone case because Sandstone is the signature finish for the back covers of OnePlus flagship devices. According to OnePlus, some reviewers have even devoted entire articles to it ( Sandstone back cover), and has quoted a remark of TIME magazine:

“Almost every other modern smartphone has a back cover that might as well be made out of soap [sic] bar. […] But the OnePlus 2’s back cover — I’m talking about the ‘Sandstone Black’ option — feels something like a smooth sandpaper that’s grippy but also comfortable. I would have absolutely no qualms about going case-commando with this phone. It’s that good.”

This case has been launched to coincide with holiday season and will be available in India in second half of December.

This is another way of influencing iPhone customers to start looking at OnePlus devices to start with its cover which has OnePlus branding! OnePlus will make money on the cases sold and will push its brand in the hands of iPhone users. Certainly, a clever move by OnePlus!


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