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Open Letter To Prime Minister – Dr. Manmohan Singh On Rising Prices

Dear PM,

As you must be aware there is steep hike in prices of all the commodities and it has become extremely difficult for the common man to make both ends meet. Whenever I go to the market to buy any commodity especially food articles, i find prices enhanced. Probably, you may not be aware of this phenomenon as you do not buy yourselves day to day articles. For instance, vegetables which were selling approximately Rs. 40/- per kg in Delhi, are now being sold at Rs. 50/- per kg. In a span of just one week, the prices of vegetables have been hiked by 25%. Same is the case with other items especially the day to day items manufactured by big companies. They have been hiking prices in a very short span of time and they know nobody shall challenge their decision.

I fail to understand the justification for drastic increase in the prices. Petroleum products prices have been hiked but that does not mean that there will be periodic increase in prices. You are an economist and you know better than anybody that there cannot be justification in steep increase in prices on regular basis. There should be mechanism in place and the multinational/big companies should take permission to increase the prices. They should give proper justification for increasing the prices. There should be checks and control on them.

Similarly, there should be control on the prices of  vegetables, fruits and other items. Because of loopholes in the system, middlemen are minting money and producers and end users are suffering a lo  Although theses could be state subjects but you being an economist could guide states to prepare proper mechanism and keep tab on the prices.

I appreciate that you are overburdened with problems of the country like earthquake, scams, corruption and infighting among your ministers, but Aam Admi is under severe pressure to survive and only you can come to their rescue. I do hope you will take remedial measures so that common man can heave sigh of relief.

Yours Sincerely,

Common man


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