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Opera Coast 4.0 Web Browser For iOS Comes With Speedy Surfing, Discover & Sharing Features

Opera Software has released Opera Coast 4.0 Web browser app, which will provide faster web browsing experience, with the help of Opera Software’s renowned data compression technology. Opera Coast 4.0 is now available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod, with the latest version also featuring the Discover news feed and simplified sharing.


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Best known for the compression technology in its Opera Mini web browser, used by 250 million people worldwide, Opera Software now brings that compression to Opera Coast. Opera Turbo shrinks the pages you visit to a fraction of their original size. With fewer megabytes to download, users can speed up their browsing and save mobile-web data, which can lead to a lower data bill. It is extra handy when browsing on GPRS/Edge networks or crowded Wi-Fi hotspots, when paying per megabyte of browsing, roaming internationally or browsing with a data cap, as stated by the company in its press release.

Besides faster accessing the web, the Opera Coast 4.0 also incorporates following features :

Explore new content: Opera Coast now offers the Discover feature, which helps you find stories and news from all over the internet. It is the missing link that brings the best of billions of pages of internet directly to you, rather than you needing a search engine to find content. When you search in Opera Coast, you’ll see a selection of the latest and greatest articles.

Share your favorite content:  Opera Coast has added a share button for faster and smoother posting to email, messenger and social networking apps including Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, Line and more. Opera Coast turns the link into a styled image, ready to caption and share, like sending a web postcard.

Keep browsing your content: With more devices at users’ disposal, multiscreen surfing is key in the future of browsers. Want to pick up where you left off on another Apple device with your browsing? Handoff, part of Apple’s new Continuity feature set, uses Bluetooth and iCloud to let you continue your Opera Coast browsing on a default Handoff-enabled browser (like Opera for Mac) on a nearby mobile, tablet or laptop.

Opera Coast on iPhone now supports landscape mode on the search and home screens, with iPhone 6 Plus users set to benefit from a new, optimized widescreen layout. It is now also possible to choose to open links in Opera Coast from Safari, by using Safari’s share button and selecting the option to open in Opera Coast.



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