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Orkut Now Comes To facebook

Yes you read it correct, With the help of a new application you will now be able to access your Orkut profile in your facebook account itself. This application brings you your very own Orkut profile to your Facebook account! You dont have to provide any login or password. All you specify is your Orkut Profile URL!

You just have to add the orkut application to your facebook profile and provide your orkut profile id and then this application will let you share your Orkut Profile, Photos, Scraps with your Facebook friends.
facebook orkut
P.S :- This application was not developed by Facebook. The application is currently in development stage so you may find some bugs/errors here and there. I used the application myself and i was a bit disappointed (lots of ads,bugs) but you can give it a try if you use both Orkut and Facebook. Here is a link to the application.


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