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Ovi Share Settings/Configuration File For Uploading Images Via Nokia Share Online

You must be wondering as to the reason for writing this post when Ovi Share settings can be easily downloaded by just searching for new services in Share Online (Installed on your Nokia mobile). Well, its true and you can get the settings/configuration from Nokia directly just be searching new services and from there selecting Ovi Share. However, not all users of Nokia mobile phone have access to this service.

This seems to be limited to certain regions or specific Nokia mobile phone Model’s. And this is precisely the reason for me to write this article. I, too was searching for the settings/configuration for Ovi Share (for Nokia 5230 and Nokia 5800) in order to use it with Share Online pre-installed on my device. After googling a lot, i was able to get hold of working settings/configuration file for Nokia Ovi Share. The good news is, you dont need to enter any settings manually. Follow the steps as given below:

  1. Download the Ovi Share Configuration File.
  2. Transfer it to your memory card.
  3. On your mobile phone, open this file. Upon doing so, the settings for Nokia Ovi Share will be automatically saved.
  4. Now, open Share Online and you will see Ovi Share.
  5. Click on Ovi Share and activate your account!

That’s it! Start uploading the images/pics directly from your mobile phone and utilize the free space provided by Nokia! And as always, if you have any queries then leave a comment below and i will try my best to answer it.


  1. Pixelpipe will be the best way to upload photos to picasa. Just make sure that picasa hasn’t updated the “maximum photo size” and that your operator does not have restriction on upload limit.
    Ovi Share plugin is an alternative and doesn’t support Picasa.

  2. Hi Paritosh, thanks for the file.
    Need a little help here. Earlier i used pixelpipe plug in to upload media via share online app. Now for some reasons larger files are not being uploaded. So i was searching for some other services. I upload my files to picasa web albums. Just wanted to know, can i upload files to picasa using the ovi share plug in that you’ve provided?
    Thanks for the file anyway.

  3. That’s because Nokia, for some reason, hasn’t added this feature to upload media for India users. Moreover this should have been integrated in firmware itself.

  4. Hi Paritosh, it worked on my E5-00. Thanks a lot & continue the good work. I wonder why this solution is not publicised by Nokia on their site for Ovi Share under the support pages.

  5. thanks buddy.. Even i’d been tryin to google this for a long time..;) thnx..:) keep up the good work..


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