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Panasonic AC line-up for 2024, including Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners, Announced For India

 Panasonic Life Solutions India today, announced its 2024 line-up of Air Conditioners, including the latest range of Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs). Panasonic’s has introduced 60 new models across its complete range of ACs. These new models are available for consumers across all leading outlets, e-commerce platforms and on the Panasonic Brand Store at https://pnsnic.com/AC_p_r. Panasonic range of Air Conditioners equipped with Matter protocol is available in 1.0, 1.5- and 2.0-tons models.

Panasonic’s new range of ACs are tech-enabled and are designed to deliver Cooling, Quality (reliability) and a Connected experience to redefine smart living. Cooling performance is ensured through technologies such as Jetstream, Converti7 (7 different cooling performance modes) Aerowings and 4-Way Inflow to deliver higher Cubic Feet per Minute – the volume of air circulated in a minute by an AC (higher CFM indicates better cooling). This coupled with Panasonic’s nanoeX and nanoe G technologies, helps ensure a healthy indoor AQI by eliminating PM 2.5 particulate matter, dust particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Quality and Reliability are guaranteed through technologies such as inverter, ECOTOUGH, ShieldBlu+, ECONAVI (for energy optimisation), AG Clean+, Crystal Clean to name a few. Connectivity for smart living comes with technologies such as Matter -an open-source connectivity standard that enables seamless interoperability across smart devices, powered by Miraie – Panasonic’s connected living platform and True AI (Artificial Intelligence – automatically adjusts the AC settings/parameters for comfort cooling). Delivering on its ‘Make in India’ commitment, all Panasonic ACs are manufactured at their Technopark plant in Haryana.

Commenting on the launch, Abhishek Verma, Business Head, Air Conditioners Group, PMIN, PLSIND said, “At Panasonic, Air Conditioners are an important growth engine for our consumer durables division and in this competitive market, we consistently innovate in line with changing consumer preferences. From Indoor Air Quality, energy conservation, connectivity to further building on the convenience aspect, we have now integrated Matter (in our RACs) with our Miraie platform to redefine the smart home experience. Matter provides inter-operability and is simple to use, reliable and secure. In short, a Panasonic Air Conditioner equipped with Matter technology is easily managed using the Miraie platform or, any other Matter- compatible platform. Similarly, any other Room Air Conditioner brand that is compatible with Matter is easily controlled through the Miraie platform. We are expecting a robust demand for ACs this season and are hoping to grow by 40% compared to last AC season.”


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