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Panasonic AG CX7 & AG CX8 4K 60p Professional Camcorders Launched, Starting at Rs. 1,39,990

Panasonic India has introduced its latest 4K 60p Professional Camcorders under its CX series – AG CX7 and AG CX8. Panasonic AG CX7 & AG CX8 are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi that supports HD Live Streaming and allows users to shoot and stream events in real-time without the hassles of having any additional equipment. The AG-CX7ED is priced at INR 1,39,990 and AG-CX8ED is priced at INR 1,54,990. The CX range is available for pre-booking and will be delivered starting end of May.

Panasonic CX range is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi module that allows users to live stream HD quality feeds directly over Facebook, YouTube and other channels. Additionally, the set-up is compatible with a large range of professional live streaming solutions supporting the RTMP protocol in case the user wishes to live stream through its own website directly. The range supports a wide angle 25 mm lens and 24x zoom feature that helps in achieving high-spec optical performance while shooting outdoors or in a closed-door setup. It is also equipped with exclusive high-precision face detection AF that provides high-speed, accurate focusing for both 4K and Full-HD shooting. With professional functions such as ND-filters and the built-in bright video lights, it enables users to control exposure when shooting outdoors and eliminates the need for additional lighting resulting in enhanced video quality.

The CX range features:

  • The integrated lens offer optical 24x zoom that ranges from 25mm wide-angle to 600mm. This enables users to shoot in both narrow and wide range, seamlessly with rich image quality, best suited for weddings, educational sessions or religious affairs, etc.
  • Helps to achieve superior focusing speed, stability, and tracking performance for both 4K and Full-HD via Face Detection AF/AE together with the precise focus lens drive.
  • In FHD mode, slow-motion recording at 120 fps (for 59.94 Hz)/100 fps (for 50 Hz) is possible. This allows videographers to capture slow-motion footage in a more convenient manner. Autofocus can also be used even during Super Slow-motion Recording.
  • +48V Phantom Power Supply/MIC/LINE Selectable XLR Audio Input with Manual Volume Handle with (VW-HU1) is equipped for each of 2 channels. This is beneficial for artists and musicians, who wants to go live directly while maintaining professional audio quality in their respective streams.
  • Lightweight and compact design make this camcorder portable and easy to carry.
  • A heat-dispersing design including a newly developed thin fan enabled the industry’s smallest and lightest camcorder with an integrated lens capable of enriched 4K 60p recording. Extended and reliable shooting is achieved by pulling in air from the rear panel of the camera and efficiently dispersing heat from the front panel.
  • With built-in bright video light, this eliminates the need of using extra lights during live streaming as it balances the tone and saturation accordingly. The included battery does not protrude when attached and enables approximately 4.5 hours of continual operation.
  • Two dedicated SD memory card slots are provided with Unlimited Relay Recording for an uninterrupted experience. The recording media switches automatically and seamlessly from Slot 1 to Slot 2.
  • The maximum file size that can be recorded over multiple SD cards is 96 GB. The recording will not stop even when the data size exceeds 96 GB.



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