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Panasonic Launches Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solution

Panasonic today announced the launch of Cameramanager go!, which is an easy to use, affordable video surveillance solution, delivered from the cloud and accessible via any device. This service will be rolled out across Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Cameramanager go! will be launched first with KPN, the leading telecommunications and IT service provider in the Netherlands and partner of Parallels.

Cameramanager go! packaging. Copyright at Cameramanager.comCameramanager go! consists of a Panasonic indoor WiFi camera, a cloud storage bundle and the Cameramanager cloud-based video management system accessible on a computer, smartphone and tablet.

Cameramanager go! is aimed at small to medium sized businesses on an international, mass-market scale. Rishi Lodhia, CEO Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe explains: ‘SMEs have been ignored by the other players in the security market, because of the high cost of traditional surveillance solutions. We realised that easy-to-use and affordable video surveillance, delivered from the cloud and accessible via any device, can realise the potential of this untapped market.”

Masaki Arizono, Managing Director of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, commented; “Panasonic is proud to be able to provide small business owners the peace-of-mind and key benefits of video surveillance without the high costs and time investment of traditional solutions. With the planned expansion of the go! product line, Panasonic will service these businesses up to its full potential.”

Later this year, Panasonic plan to launch the second generation of Cameramanager go! utilising a camera specially build for cloud-based video surveillance. Panasonic is also working on software that enables any smartphone to become a cloud-based video camera by streaming the videos automatically to the cloud.


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