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Participate In ASUS MiMi Buster Sweepstake & Win Zenfone Max & Other Products


Once upon a time, in a land not far away, lived a scientist called ArrabMi. He worked night and day performing experiments on living creatures. Rumor has it that he once lured a horse into his laboratory and converted him into a unicorn with a horn atop his head to have striking similarities with an ice cream cone, ArrabMi’s neighbours called it a miracle.

ArrabMi conducted his experiments on creatures and thrived on the attention he received from the villagers.

Then, one day, a neighbor, let’s call him LOLster, happened to catch hold of a rabbit eating a carrot in a field. He immediately brought it to the scientist’s laboratory. ArrabMi was elated to finally get a chance to have a rabbit. He immediately got to work and decided to create a rabbit that could fly. But before that he decided to name the rabbit, MiMi. Why? Well, because it’s a work of fiction, and he could name it anything he wanted to!

However, something went wrong with the experiment and MiMi started exhibiting symptoms of, what the simple folks would call it, madness. One night he escaped from the lab into the darkness to create havoc in the village.

MiMi is now terrorizing the village and we need help in stopping him.

To put a stop to MiMi’s antics join in the adventure of Busting MiMi from the village, just click here http://asus.in/mimibuster/

The participants have a chance to win  33 Zenfone Max units of smartphone with 5000 mAh battery.

The winners of the MiMi Buster sweepstake will be entitled to either of the 3 gratification – 33 units of Zenfone Max OR 33 Gift Vouchers of Rs 1,000 each OR 33 Zenny Pen Drives.

The MiMi Buster sweepstake ends on 7th March 11:59 AM


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