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Pattrn Android App Displays Beautiful, Auto Changing Wallpapers

Live wallpaper or static wallpaper, there’s always confusion, live wallpapers look great, they alter shape, position, etc but consume more battery. Whereas static wallpapers are easier on battery but look stale after certain period. With Pattrn android app there’s a middle ground. You can enjoy a different wallpaper every now and then thus avoiding yourself of getting bored seeing the same old stuff!

Pattrn is available for free in Google Play store. It offers you numerous wallpapers with varying patterns. A huge selection is there to browse through and if someone like me (choosy by nature) can get hands on some beautiful patterns then I guess there are some wallpapers for everyone!

Moreover, you set the category from which you want the app to pick and set wallpapers from. This makes sure that there’s one up on homescreen of your android device of your choice. No random crapola popping up 😉

The only thing I felt Pattrn lacked was the absence of custom wallpaper changing intervals. As of writing this article Pattrn offers only 2 options viz. Every Day and Every Monday. Throw in custom intervals and you get complete package!

You can download Pattrn for free from Google Play store using the following image link:


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