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Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD LED TV Range Launched In India

Ambilight_Front__1428730018_93697At an event in New Delhi, Philips India has launched its first 4K Ultra High Definition LED Television range with Ambilight technology. Ambilight is ambient lighting, and a patented technology of Philips. Ambilight technology projects light from the back panel of the television, corresponding to the content being played. This projected light changes according to the content. Ambilight gives you the most immersive and cinematic viewing experience. Further, it also reduces the strain on your eyes during long viewing hours.


The new Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD TV with Ambilight is powered by Pixel Plus Ultra HD picture quality engine. It has perfect motion rate of 400 Hz , which ensures smoothest experience for fast moving images and is perfect for gaming. This range of TV by Philips reproduces actual images and will mesmerize you with its color reproduction. If you are watching a football, cricket or any other game on this TV, you will get feeling of being present in the stadium as you will see the action in real colors.

Besides its USP of Ambient technology, these range of Philips TV are also Smart and allows you to access social networking sites, browse internet, play games, Skype, access YouTube and Vimeo amongst a host of applications. This television comes with an inbuilt app gallery as well which consit of total 68 apps.

Other features of Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD LED TV  include active 3D which gives you a much higher resolution than passive 3D, better image depth and better colors, Philips Micro Dimming Pro which – produces deeper blacks and brighter whites, regardless of the level of light in the room etc.

Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD LED TV will soon be available at brand stores, large format retailers and modern retail outlets in NCR.  These TV’s come in 50’’, 58’’ and 65’’ screen sizes and are priced between Rs. 155,000 to Rs. 372,500.

Salient Features Of Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra HD LED TV

  • Pixel Plus Ultra HD Picture Quality
  • Ambilight Technology for the most immersive viewing experience
  • 400Hz PMR Ultra HD for fast moving images
  • Active 3D which reproduces higher resolution images
  • Smart TV – You can access social networking sites and it has 68 inbuilt apps
  • Micro Dimming for incredible contrast, sharpness and image quality
  • MyRemote app: the Smarter way to interact with your TV
  • Multiroom TV—share live TV and recordings between TVs



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