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PLAYFIT App Updated For Wearable Devices

PLAY, a Gurgaon based technology company known for Wearable devices such as fitness band, neckband earphones, has released a major software update to their PLAYFIT app which hosts all of their wearable devices. This app supports iOS and Android devices.

“Due to the CORONA pandemic, there has been an obvious surge in the wearable device/app adoption and usage. With Android-10 getting popular both in terms of new smartphones as well as upgrades to the popular older smartphone models, we had started working on the application update and providing a fix to the connectivity patch to take the advantage of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) SoC of NORDIC semiconductors as well as U/I and U/X suggestions we had received from our community of users. With this update, we are glad we have been able to provide our users with better app connectivity with their mobile device and host of new features and improved UX design”, commented Mr. Sandeep Banga, CEO at PLAY.

PLAYFIT app boasts of a very user-friendly U/I to enable users to monitor their fitness regime. The app tracks and displays the user walking/running/exercise pattern, the sleep pattern with mode and duration, etc. The application has features for pre-defined fitness activity that can be tracked and also has the option to add a new exercise regimen should the customer want more customization. Moreover, for PLAY community the brand has integrated a leader board where the user can track their fitness quotient along with 99 other top fitness PLAY community members. Any user does not have to fear loss of data while upgrading their mobile device as PLAYFIT seamlessly integrates the historical data recorded through the old device and displays the same on the new device automatically, as explained by the company.

In the spirit of “Be-Vocal, Support-Local”, PLAYFIT application has been indigenously designed and is also hosted on servers in India itself, thereby taking away any data security concerns of its users. It is the smart application for the wearable category of PLAYFIT 21, PLAYFIT 53, PLAYFIT SW75 devices launched by PLAY.

PLAY products are currently available only in India and UAE. In India, it is available on Amazon, Flipkart as well as on company’s own e-store (https://store.worldofplay.in/) besides being available in offline stores across the country.


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