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PocketLock: Automatically Lock Screen Of S60v5 Nokia Phone (Alternative for broken slide lock)

Nokia S60v5 i.e Touch based mobile phones come with a screen lock slider, which is very important in avoiding any unnecessary presses. However, because of frequent use, it is also vulnerable to wear and tear. In order to avoid this wear and tear as well as to avoid the hassle of locking the screen manually, there is an application to make life of all Full Touch, symbian based, mobile phones.

The utility, I am talking about is PocketLock. PocketLock is an extremely useful application which locks the screen of your touch based mobile phone as soon as you place your phone when inside your pocket or bag, and unlocks when taken out. It uses the proximity sensor to Lock/Unlock the phone and has a miniature installation size of around 40 KB. Moreover, it can be used as a replacement of screen lock button (Good option for those who broke slide lock button).

Besides providing “Auto-Lock” functionality, this app has nothing else to offer (Not that i want anything else). Talking about the degree of configuration this application provides, there isn’t much to edit. The Home screen details you about the functionality of this application and a simple “Hide” soft key. As far as the “Settings” option is concerned, as i said above, there is nothing much to offer, just the option to Enable/Disable AutoStart.

My Review

Although this application provides a great functionality however, becomes a nuisance pretty soon after using it. Reason? Well, because this app has been coded in a way to detect slightest of movement near proximity sensor, that even if you move your finger above the sensor, it locks the screen. This becomes annoying if you use your Nokia device in landscape mode. I, un-installed this application soon after installing it with a hope that the next version will address this issue.

The latest version of PocketLock can be downloaded directly from OVI Store.

NOTE: I have seen users of this application reporting issues regarding its power consumption. I did a test to see if the allegations were true and found out that, PocketLock runs silently in the background without being a burden on battery. See power consumption stats below:


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