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Popkorn Communications Comes Into Existence

India’s leading PR agency Value 360 Communications has diversified its services to launch its online content marketing company, Popkorn Communications. The new company will focus on creating and marketing content for brands for the multi digital platform of the world wide web.  The main objectives will be to establish a strong web presence, strategic brand promotion and responsive digital engagement.

Popkorn logoThe company was spurred by the need to customise content that is unique as well as captivating for an audience that is constantly connected via the internet. Popkorn Communications will help channelise and streamline this content to drive your brand forward as well as build a relationship with your target audience. Its bouquet of offerings include devising meaningful and relevant content marketing solutions in the form of article posting, e newsletters, social media, blogs, video posting, case studies, infographics and mobile marketing.

Gaurav Patra, Founder, Popkorn Communications

Gaurav Patra, Founder, Popkorn Communications shares his insight. “Today, there is a large amount of content floating online vying for the attention of internet users. We at Popkorn Communications seek to creatively place content that integrates your brand identity and message in such a way so as to be easily accessible, likeable as well as shareable. Our inherent expertise and seasoned experience of having dealt with clients across the board will help us comprehend and direct the right content for each brand we serve.”

The company targets a range of verticals right from lifestyle, e commerce, consumer technology, automobile, hospitality, entertainment, education, real estate and consumer durables.

Popkorn Communications will endeavour to take its clients’s communication beyond tried and tested realms of traditional media and pitch it to the right platforms in the burgeoning digital landscape. By engaging Popkorn Communications, the companies can target audience, generate leads, gain regular traction and build consistent loyalty towards their brand with path breaking content marketing solutions.

We wish Popkorn Communications all the best for its success!


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