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Portronics Launches YOGG Smart Wristband At Rs. 2,999

Portronics India has launched YOGG Smart Wristband which works as personal fitness and activity tracker and offers a wide range of features. YOGG smart wristband is a wearable device that comes in black colour and is available in the market at a price of Rs. 2999.

Portronics YOGG-smart wristband

This wristband is comfortable to wear for days at a stretch as it is made of soft elastic material. It is a good-looking gadget and accurate activity tracker that will keep you updated about your daily activity records and notifications.

This wristband has an OLED display screen of 0.9inches to show off your daily stats, and work as a watch as well as caller ID for your Smartphone. This wristband can be paired with Android and iOS smartphones through an app called YOGG available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

YOGG is a capable of tracking your daily activity and exercise levels, monitor sleep patterns, give instant motivational feedback and provide alerts to help you make a sustainable shift toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. YOGG get you closer to your targets of getting into shape, losing weight and moving more by making you mindful of your habits and patterns; which is the first step of change. It monitors your depth of sleep and lets you effectively manage your rest time.

YOGG smart wristband is a flexible device that combines multi-functionality. It features a watch so you don’t need to wear an additional one. It also gives you the flexibility to configure it to act as your beeper for calls and other social networking messages that you receive on your smartphone.

YOGG also has an in-built Anti-theft/lost feature that gives you an alarm beep if your configured smartphone is stolen or you move more that 10m away from it.

This wristband is claimed to have battery life of almost 5 days on full charge. The USB charger comes bundled with the device.


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