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For Promoting Digital Gold, Paytm Launches Make Your Salary Day a Savings Day Campaign

To promote Digital Gold on its platform, Paytm has launched the ‘Make Your Salary Day a Savings Day’ campaign to enable every Indian to buy digital gold on their payday. To make the buying more attractive,  the company will offer up to Rs. 1000 worth Digital Gold as extra bonus for gold bought between 1st and 3rd July.

According to Paytm, its Digital Gold is fast emerging as the saving option of choice for this segment owing to the flexibility, security and transparency it offers. As an increasingly large number of new consumers are realizing the convenience of buying and storing pure gold for as little as Re 1, the company claims to be witnessing 150% month-on-month growth in sales volume, selling more than 100 Kgs of Digital Gold since launch.

Digital Gold on Paytm enables customers to buy as little as Re 1 of 24K 999.9 pure Gold from MMTC-PAMP, India’s only Internationally Accredited Refinery and store it in one of the country’s most secure, 100% insured vaults at zero extra cost. Customers can sell their accumulated gold to MMTC-PAMP at live market prices or get it delivered at their doorstep in the form of gold coins. Paytm will soon add various unique options for customers to redeem their gold as stated by the company in its press statement.

Krishna Hegde, Senior Vice President, Paytm said, “Digital Gold has been key to changing the way Indians save. Our ‘Make Your Salary Day a Savings Day’ campaign is aiming to encourage consumers to save a portion of their salary on the same day they get paid. The goal is to simplify savings for the masses and help them build a healthy habit for long-term wealth creation.”


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